Contact Information 

Reception and sales office
tel. +358 75 326 6000
Emergency telephone number 112

On-call security service
tel. +358 20 491 3960

(When the reception is closed)

The hotel address is Isokyläntie 15 (A building), Isokyläntie 17 (B building) and Isokyläntie 19 (C-building), 21100 Naantali. Holiday apartments’ / Suite’s address is Särkänsalmentie 197, 21100 Naantali. Marina apartment’s address is Särkänsalmentie 298, 21100 Naantali.


Laundry room

Laundry room is located on the second floor of each hotel building. Access code to the laundry room is 1357#. Laundry room is a self-service facility and free of charge for the hotel customers.



Wireless internet is available in the Club House and in standard and mini suite hotel rooms. The wireless internet is named by room number and the password is kultaranta2014. The Club House internet password is given at the reception. Internet usage is free of charge for all customers.



Accommodation does not include cleaning of the room during the stay but is possible to order by request. If you wish to have your room cleaned during your stay, please call +358 75 326 6000 before 10am on the day you wish to have your room cleaned. The cost of additional cleaning is determined by the size of the room.



In the hotel premises, silence is between 10pm and 7am.



Check-out is at 12noon. The rooms are meant for normal accommodation. In case the room is left in a poor state, we reserve the right to charge extra fee for additional cleaning.    



The rooms are equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. Touching the alarms, will cause a false alert. The charge for false alert is 300 euros. Charge for the night security visit due to disturbing behavior is 100 euros plus additional costs caused to the hotel.

Sustainable Travel

We are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism. Theefore we encourage our customers to work together for a more sustainable future!

Save water at home and when traveling. The water tap drains an average of 6 liters per minute. According to the recommendations, your teeth should be brushed for 2 minutes, which means 12 liters of water if the faucet is drained at the same time. Brushing your teeth twice a day therefore consumes about 24 liters of water. In other words, closing the water tap while brushing your teeth can save you up to 25 liters of water a day, which means almost 10,000 liters of water a year!

Be sure to turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room. The easiest way to do this is to lift the room card off the switch.

Garbage collection. There are two garbage collection points in the hotel parking area. The fractions to be collected are cardboard, plastic, small metal, paper and mixed waste. We encourage all our customers to sort waste for better future.



Enjoy your stay at Kultaranta Resort!